Pasture Trail

Each team must select one rider to participate.

Scoring for Pasture Trail

1.  This class will be judged on the performance of the horse over obstacles, with emphasis on manners, response
     to the rider, and quality
of movement. Credit will be given to horses negotiating the obstacles with style
     and some degree of speed, providing correctness is
not sacrificed. Horses will receive credit for showing
     attentive­ness to the obstacles and picking their own way through the course when
applicable, and
     willingly respond­ing to the rider’s cues on more difficult obstacles.

 2. Horses shall be penalized for any unnecessary delay while approaching or negotiating the obstacles.
     Horses with artificial appearance
over obstacles will be penalized.

  • One-Point Penalties:  Each hit, bite, or stepping on a log, cone, plant or any component of the obstacle – Incorrect or break of gait at walk or trot for two strides or less – Both front or hind feet in a single-stride space at a walk or trot – Skipping over or failing to step into required space – Incorrect number of strides, if specified – One step on dismount or ground tie except shifting to balance
  • Three-Point Penalties:  Wrong lead – Draped reins – Break of gait at Lope -Break of gait at Walk or trot for more than two (2) strides – 2-3 steps on dismount or ground tie
  • Five-Point Penalties:  Spurring in front of cinch – Blatant disobedience – Use of either hand to instill fear/praise – Use of two hands (except in snaffle bit or hackamore) per maneuver – More than one finger between split reins or any fingers between romal reins (except two rein) per maneuver – knocking over, stepping out of, or falling off of an obstacle – Dropping an object required to be carried – 1st or 2nd cumulative refusal -Letting go of gate
  • Off-Pattern (OP): Cannot place above others who complete pattern correctly – Breaking pattern – Leaving arena before pattern is complete – 3rd refusal – No attempt to perform obstacle – Head consistently carried too low or over flexed – Repeated blatant disobedience – Fall horse/rider; run ends; credit will be given for work done
  • DQ: – Lameness – Abuse – Illegal equipment – Disrespect or misconduct